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Social Security

Social Security Contributions:

Many people who move to Alderney are unaware of the social security liability which exists in Alderney. Whilst liability for the payment of social security contributions as an employed person commences immediately, liability as a self-employed or unemployed person only commences after a person has been resident for a period of 26 weeks (not necessarily consecutively). After age 65 residents with income above a lower limit must pay specialist health insurance and long-term care contributions.

If you are about to take up employment in Alderney you must register at the Alderney States Office and obtain your Social Insurance Card which you should hand to your employer.

The payment of contributions provides for a range of social insurance benefits:

– Sickness Benefit
– Unemployment Benefit
– Invalidity Benefit
– Bereavement Benefits
– Death Grant
– Industrial Injuries Benefits
– Maternity Benefits
– Old Age Pension

Contributions paid under the United Kingdom social insurance scheme and some other countries may be taken into account by Guernsey to assist with entitlement to some of these benefits.

Further details of the qualifying conditions for each benefit and explanatory leaflets can be obtained from the Alderney States Office.

Family Allowance:

An allowance is payable for every qualifying child of a family resident in Alderney. It must be claimed within 3 months of taking up residence or of the child’s birth. All children under school leaving age qualify, as do any who are receiving a full-time recognised educational course until the 1st August following their 19th birthday. Families entering the island from the United Kingdom or Jersey are normally entitled to the allowance on taking up residence because of a reciprocal agreement between social security authorities. Agreements also exist with other countries but in the absence of any such provisions a qualifying period of residence of up to 12 months may have to be served before the allowance is payable.

Attendance & Invalid Care Allowances:

These benefits are made available to residents who are severely disabled, physically or mentally, and who need a lot of care by day or night.

The Royal Connaught Care Home – Is a purpose built care home which opened in July 2011, and offer 24 hour person centered care in a fully adapted modern environment for adults and older people who require 24 hour residential care and support. We accept private clients and those funded by Guernsey Health and Social Security Department (HSSD). For more information please visit their website

The Jubilee and Sydney Herivel House – Is a sheltered living complex offering 14 self-contained flats/studio apartments, this is ideal accommodation for people aged over 50 years who are still independent but may require some help and support with daily living tasks. The building is staffed on a 24 hour basis, all meals can be provided if necessary, however, each flat has its own kitchen area. We are situated within the heart of St Anne and are only a few moments walk from the shops and local amenities. We accept private clients and those who are funded through Guernsey Health and Social Security.

Meals on Wheels – We provide a meals on wheels service 6 days a week 52 weeks a year to people living in the community, a two course meal is delivered to the person’s door by a committed team of volunteers. People can refer themselves or be referred by their GP or Social Worker to obtain this service. The current charge for this service is £5.00 per day.

Travel Grants:

If medical treatment is not available in Alderney a resident person may be referred by their doctor for treatment in Guernsey or the UK. A travel grant scheme is available to assist with travel costs if you have registered for contribution purposes.

Supplementary Benefit:

This is a means-tested benefit which is provided in order to bring people up to the level that the States of Alderney consider to be the minimum amount required to live on.

Further information may be obtained from:

The States Office
PO Box 1001
The Island Hall
Royal Connaught Square
Alderney GY9 3AA
Tel: +44 (0)1481 822811
Fax: +44 (0)1481 824528