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Medical Care

On Alderney you will find two private medical practices and a private dental practice. In addition to these, the Mignot Memorial Hospital provides “community hospital” style services and there is a pharmacy in St Anne. Between these services, residents enjoy excellent access to routine medical and dental care. There is no free National Health Service in Alderney. Residents and visitors pay for all medical and supplementary services.

If residents (or visitors) require specialist treatment, this is available at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital in Guernsey. Maternity services are also provided at the Princess Elizabeth. There is a free hospital accident and emergency service but patients have to pay for ambulance services and for the doctor in the Accident & Emergency Department.

People pay for their medical care through a compulsory Social Security Department Specialist Health Insurance Scheme. This covers both emergency and elective specialist medical services within the Bailiwick of Guernsey. Some people also choose to contribute to a private medical insurance scheme.

You can find full details of this scheme and the medical services available on page 20 of this PDF.

Alderney has its own ambulance services, provided by the St. John Alderney Ambulance Service. There are charges for this but you can pay an annual premium to cover these costs.