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Looking for the perfect blend – the perfect balance?

The rewards are rich and varied on Alderney…


When you look at the VisitAlderney Facebook page, you get a real sense of the dynamism and the diversity of life on our small island. You also realise very quickly that people fall in love with life on Alderney.

Newcomers find our community is warm, friendly and welcoming. For some it is a new experience to have neighbours who knock on your door or be greeted by name in the local shop but it really helps to make you feel accepted. There is usually someone on hand to help out if you need something – and you’ll quickly find that people start to ask you for the odd favour too!

We have a full events calendar and a huge amount to interest historians and wildlife lovers – as well as the obvious benefits of living near the sea. There are numerous thriving societies and clubs too. Life isn’t like the mainland – you will not find cinemas showing the latest releases – but those of us who live here find it offers the ideal balance between work and leisure.

With shops that close for lunch and open half-day on Wednesday, people often feel that they have stepped back in time. Life on Alderney tends to be more relaxed, not least because of the very low crime rate.

The benefits of living on Alderney include:

– Safe and stable environment for families
– Very low crime rate
– Stress-free, relaxing and healthy atmosphere
– Favourable personal taxation rates
– A variety of businesses and services
– Excellent educational system
– High quality medical and health care
– Over 25 sport and leisure clubs
– Unspoilt beaches and breathtaking scenery

For more information about island life and events taking place throughout the year, please visit the Alderney tourism website.