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Q:  How easy is it to move to Alderney?
A:  The estate agents can recommend removal companies experienced in moving people to Alderney. There  is a weekly cargo boat from Poole, which will be the route your removal company would use to ship your  house contents.

Q:  What are the taxes on businesses?
A:  Corporation Tax is zero for most businesses and there is no VAT.

Q:  What are the personal taxes?
A:  Alderney has no Capital Gains Tax (CGT) no Inheritance Tax (IHT) and 20% Income Tax.

Q:  How does Alderney get its energy?
A:  Alderney Electricity (AEL) is the electricity provider on Alderney and uses diesel to generate its. AEL also  sells heating oil for central heating. Cooking is generally by LPG gas, which is supplied by Blanchard  Building Supplies. AEL also import aviation fuel (available at the airport), petrol and diesel that is  retailed through the two petrol stations and the yacht chandlers.

Q:  What are the transport links like?
A:  We have a minimum of three flights a day to both Southampton and Guernsey that provide further  onward flight opportunities. Southampton is well connected by rail and road to London and the rest of  the UK. Small ferries link us to Guernsey and France from April to September. We have cargo ships once a  week from both Poole and Guernsey.

Q:  What are the schools like?
A:  There is a play school for two to four year olds. St Anne’s School takes pupils from four to sixteen. From  sixteen to eighteen students attend the Guernsey Grammar School for A levels or other courses at the  Guernsey College for Further Education staying with host families in Guernsey. For fee-paying education  Ormer House cater for two to thirteen year olds. Class sizes at St Anne’s are under fifteen and at  Ormer House five or less per class.

Q:  What is the health service like?
A:  When you pay Guernsey Social Security you qualify for health treatment. All GP visits are charged at £40  per visit. Referrals are free of charge. There are two GP practices and the Mignot Memorial Hospital. If  treatment cannot be provided on Alderney then you will be treated at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital in  Guernsey.