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The perfect balance between life and business

Why choose between a successful business and a great home life - on Alderney you can have both

What’s the Business Case for Relocating to Alderney?

There are many reasons why people choose to move to Alderney. If you enjoy a relaxed pace of life and a strong sense of community, life on our little Channel Island might be just what you are seeking. Walk to work along the beach; explore history and wildlife at the weekends; get a better work life balance….

This charming way of life sounds all well and good but what about your business? If you are also running a successful business or looking for ways to grow your company, you’ll need more than a wonderful lifestyle to persuade you. Let’s face it, when we’re working hard and we’ve achieved some success, none of us are going to throw that away!

Luckily for the people of Alderney, there are some compelling financial arguments for living here. The Channel Islands most definitely offer a sound climate for developing a strong business model, provided you are in the right sector. If your business is primarily knowledge-based or if it manufactures or supplies lightweight, high value items, Alderney’s favourable tax environment and its open housing market are very appealing.

What does this mean in reality? Take a look at this infographic and ask yourself what difference a change in your tax regime would bring.

infographic - improve tax efficiency

The difference for most businesses (and high earning individuals) would be huge. That’s why we love to live in Alderney. Would you like to join us? Just send an email to Elanja O’Toole and she can arrange for Neil Harvey (Chairman of Business Development, Tourism and Marketing Committee) to speak to you.