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The perfect balance between life and business

Why choose between a successful business and a great home life - on Alderney you can have both


Move to Alderney is an Alderney Enterprise Group initiative, developed by The States of Alderney as part of their economic growth programme. Titled “Island Prosperity – A Focus for Change” an initial one-day workshop was held on the 18th June, where nineteen individuals including States Members, entrepreneurs, specialists from the Bailiwick and the UK were brought together to explore the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the Island.

The AEG launched its Business Development initiative, designed to bring more residents and employers to the island. The plans have been worked up over recent months by the Business Development Project Team, which has brought together a number of successful local businessmen and States Members.

The key benefits of an attractive lifestyle, low rates of tax and ease of buying property are the focus of the campaign

A Recruitment Officer has been appointed; Elanja O’Toole, a member of the existing States staff has taken on this important role of acting as a first point of contact for all inward enquiries, whether by telephone, web, email or in person. Elanja will be able to respond to questions about moving to Alderney, and facilitate quick responses from other parts of the States or private service providers as necessary, providing a ‘joined up’ and friendly service. Elanja can be reached on +44 (0)1481 822400 or 01481 825534

Neil Harvey, Chairman of the Business Development, Tourism and Marketing Committee said: ‘We appreciate that many people in Alderney have been eager to see the island and its benefits sold to a wider audience. We believe the plans unveiled today will represent a strong platform to achieve this, but also critically, to provide a first class follow-up service to enquiries, and ensure that we convert these into action to relocate here. Other initiatives will follow to support these plans over the coming months.’

Elanja O’Toole, who has lived on Alderney for a number of years says ‘I am really looking forward to this new responsibility and helping people make the decision to move to Alderney. If I can share my enthusiasm for this lovely place – it’s a fantastic environment, community and lifestyle, not to mention the tax advantages, we will all benefit.’